Justin Murray

Software Engineer

About Me

I am an experienced Software Engineer driven by the development of new technology to improve people’s lives. I strive for elegant code solutions and embrace an efficient development workflow. I believe in writing quality software that is engineered to be simple, flexible, and reusable. I take pride in organized development practices that include detailed issue tracking, continuous integration, and automated testing. I am always looking for ways to get more done with less code. There is no better feeling than replacing verbose old code with something leaner, less buggy, and more efficient.

I am not married to any particular programming language or development stack. I’m generally able to learn new frameworks quickly, and I am genuinely excited by the idea of learning something new that can improve upon something old.

I do not let bureaucracy stand in the way of progress. I believe in giving engineers the tools that they need to do their jobs effectively, with as few barriers as possible.


Fluency Assistant


A virtual assistant for physicians

At the core of the solution is a sophisticated microservice cluster. This exposes a REST API for the front-end clients to build on top of. On the back-end, several different services are tied together into a processing pipeline, that can take text-based requests, run NLU processing to determine the user’s intent, run through a sophisticated mapping engine that combines the intent with the user’s current context to determine the appropriate action, and then execute that action. The service also manages client sessions, providing context management, inter-client communication (event bus), and several other services.

A card game to play with friends.

Created at a time when social distancing led to virtual hangouts. This is a classic russian card game popular among my friends, ported into a React web app.

A near-zero dependency builds system, with no BS

A library for writing build scripts for any kind of software, on any platform. Build scripts are written in JavaScript and execute on node.js.

Includes self-bootstrapping executable scripts (for Windows, Mac, and Linux) that download all dependencies to a local directory before executing.

Temp File Cleaner


Quickly eliminate cruft from your hard drive

Originally built for computer service techs, then made available to the general public.

A simple tool that identifies unneeded and unwanted files on a hard drive, and then quickly eliminates them.


3M | M*Modal


Lead Architect

January 2018 - Present

(M*Modal was acquired by 3M HIS in April 2019)
Fluency Assistant - A virtual assistant for physicians

I designed Fluency Assistant, a virtual voice assistant for physicians, and led a team in the development of the product from scratch. The product was demoed at the 2019 HIMSS conference.



Senior Software Engineer

February 2013 - January 2018

CSD - Custom Solutions Development

On the CSD team, I was responsible for working on projects that did not fit into any of the product teams’ roadmaps. This included one-off customer requests, as well as building several new products from scratch. As a senior member of the team, I also acted in an advisory role on projects developed by other team members.

Addpcs, LLC



February 2005 - Present

Getting things done with software

Originally created as a personal tool when working as a service tech in high school, Temp File Cleaner grew into a product with global reach. This was an active side project of mine for many years, doing business as Addpcs LLC. In recent years, activity has slowed and I’ve focused on other things. The product is still being offered but is in maintenance mode with no new development.

Aerotech, Inc.


Software Engineer II

May 2009 - February 2013

Quality at the Source

A member of the Software Motion Control group, primarily responsible for maintaining and improving the core layer of the software stack.


University of Pittsburgh

B.S. Computer Engineering

2005 - 2009

3.44 Cumulative GPA

A Little More About Me

When I’m not working, I love to enjoy the outdoors.

  • Mountain Biking
  • Skiing
  • Rock climbing
  • Ultimate Frisbee